Student Testing

    Getting accepted to a post-secondary institution is one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life. The current environment has made it increasingly more difficult for a student to get accepted to a school of their choice. With the common application, most students are applying to many schools thereby decreasing overall matriculation rates at every school. The current high school student to counselor ratio has reached an astonishing 471 to 1. In short, the average high school student is not receiving adequate counseling to pursue post-secondary education as the application process becomes exceedingly more selective.

    VCilitate represents a Midwest-based EdTech company that has an innovative and disruptive concept that will help high school students and counselors engage with post-secondary institutions early and often. Post-secondary institution engagement will allow a student to course correct long before the dye is set during the college application process in their senior year.

    The Company will allow high school students to engage with post-secondary institutions in a social media environment beginning freshman year. The student, high school counselor and parents will get critical feedback from a post-secondary institution about curriculum, grade point average, extracurricular activities, as well as major study requirements. This will help the student increase their chances of being accepted by a particular post-secondary institution by  appropriate course corrections beginning as early as freshman year. For example, a student’s GPA may need to be raised or he may need to begin taking a foreign language.