For Client Companies

    Raising private equity for smaller companies is especially difficult, largely because they are unfamilar with the jargon of the trade.

    There is an unmistakable finesse to this game, and the principals at VCilitate are skilled at telling your story in a way that private equity and VC companies can relate to.

    We bring experience, knowledge, and connections to the table, but what really sets us apart is our approach. Beyond just reciting numbers, our narrative helps to convey the character of your management team.  Of course, that's ultimately what people invest in.

    And yes, the numbers are important, but getting them noticed is another thing. That's why our campaigns are designed to increase exposure, cultivate interest, and facilitate the entire process.

    That process starts with a brief questionnaire, which we invite you to complete.

    This survey will help us determine whether your company's capital needs are compatible with our funding clients.
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