Medical Device

    VCilitate represents a West Coast company that has developed a revolutionary patented prescription drug vial that is on the cutting edge of controlling the accessibility of controlled substances in the home and workplace.  The innovative patented drug vial is perfectly positioned to replace the child tamper resistant solution that is being used for pain killers, sedatives, amphetamines and handling risk prescriptions.  Each year there are 450 million controlled substance prescriptions that would qualify for distribution in our client’s new drug vial.

    The Company has developed a utility patented solution to limit access to controlled medications by anyone to which the medication has not been prescribed.   Additionally, the Company will provide security for drugs that pose handling risks, i.e. Viagra or Propecia, by preventing the non-patient from accidentally opening a family member’s prescription.

    The patented prescription vial has a locking cap that allows medications to be protected by a 4 digit patient selected combination.  This vial will be distributed with each controlled substance and handling risk prescription by the dispensing pharmacy.  The patient will receive a new bottle with each refill.