Steel Service Center

    The steel industry is recovering at a faster pace than many expected at the onset of the financial and economic crisis in late 2008. Perhaps most impacted by the recession, the construction segment has proved to be especially resilient. Even in these extraordinary market conditions, distinct opportunities have emerged for efficient, disciplined, and aggressive operators who can achieve greater scale and customer mix.

    VCilitate's client company was founded in 1987. This well managed company has been profitable every year since inception and has perfectly positioned itself for continued growth in their state-of-the-art processing and manufacturing facilities.

    In 2008, management expanded the business model to include the manufacturing of metal studs used in commercial and industrial construction. The business unit has seen steady growth, with revenue increasing every year. In 2011, management furthered its down-streaming operations with the acquisition of one of its core customers.

    The Company is positioned for growth, and can grow their top line to over $85 million without any
    significant capital expenditures. Its diversified sales base, with no customer accounting for more than 5% of their business, creates the perfect platform for accelerating growth.
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