Features and Benefits

    Features / Benefits 

    A proprietary database of U.S. Companies, searchable by all relative criteria.

     A dynamic resource for targeting companies for platform and/or add-on acquisitions. 

    A proprietary database of institutional investors and financial intermediaries, searchable by all relative criteria.

    A dynamic resource for targeting deals to the most relevant funding companies and their key contacts. 

    A proprietary email marketing program that facilitates communications with potential investors or company CEOs.

    Efficiently manages dealflow and helps to build relationships with your contact list.  

    A secured, browser-based information repository that provides easy access to all deal-related documentation.  

    All documents in one safe place, viewable to only those who have permission. 

    On-demand media: Multimedia presentations, powerpoints, webcasts, podcasts, documents and pdf's available through a single mouse click.  

    Maximize the power of the Internet to deliver high-impact content that interested parties demand. 

    Lead generation follow-up via telephone, teleconferencing, or in-person appointments. 

    Manage deals more efficiently by letting us screen, qualify and introduce investment companies to you. 

    Complete project management tracking capability. 

    Provides information on your campaign is working at any given time.