VCiliate participates in a wide variety of debt and equity transactions.  Some are designed to help our financial intermediaries identify investment opportunities.  Others are designed to help our client companies develop offering memorandums and solicit interest in the private investment marketplace.

    Posted here are current and past projects.

      Retail Business

      Over the last 10 years, the 'companion animal industry' has outpaced the annual CPI by as much as 40% as the U.S. pet population has grown twice as fast as the human population. Much of the...   Read More

      Food Ingredients

      At a time when most segments of the U.S. food products industry remain stagnant, “nutraceuticals” are a notable exception.  Generally considered to include all food and dietary...   Read More

      Steel Service Center

      The steel industry is recovering at a faster pace than many expected at the onset of the financial and economic crisis in late 2008. Perhaps most impacted by the recession, the construction segment...   Read More

      Medical Device

      VCilitate represents a West Coast company that has developed a revolutionary patented prescription drug vial that is on the cutting edge of controlling the accessibility of controlled substances in...   Read More

      Student Testing

      Getting accepted to a post-secondary institution is one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life. The current environment has made it increasingly more difficult for a student to...   Read More